Dudes behind the camera getting action in front of it for a change.

A little clip of Johnny Purcell skating the Homegrown bread bowl. This is a teaser to a little somethin somethin that’s in the works.

Woah, I still have a blog? Check out this part I filmed for Color Magazine of Ethan Kilgour!

Another episode of “Locals”. I wish I could show you the aftermath of this situation, but it’s a touch incriminating. And I don’t want to see Nate go to jail.

Sitka and Color are putting on a party line video contest and I made this little diddy to promote it. Hopefully these dudes don’t loose any street cred because of it!

So I was looking through all my footage the other day, and I realized that I have a shit-ton of footage of ridiculous kickouts and interactions with weirdo’s while trying to film skating. I will dispense this footage one snippet at a time….starting now.

Found this little gem lurking on my iPhone. Ryan Wilkie is a bigspin master.

I had 1 week left in Nova Scotia and Johnny and I busted our asses to film for this little diddy. Turned out quite well in my opinion!

Me and Ethan Kilgore went on an Ontario ditchspot tour one day. There was a lot of garbage in them. Including this guy.